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Figurative Painter & Art, Photography & Digital Media Educator.


Previously worked as a Freelance Illustrator/Graphic Designer/Animator & Cameraman before entering the field of Education.

On this page are small samplings of artworks, expressed by many means and modes. Means from paintbrushes to digital renders. Modes from light hearted experimentation through to professional, client-led collaboration, to more personal, contemplative works. Hope you enjoy!

A selection of largely figurative paintings and drawings ranging in style from the representational to the expressive. 

In 2012 I founded 'The Bear Page', a small multimedia company specialising in Illustration, Graphic Design & Animation. Above is a sample selection of the 2d work I produced, including T-shirts designs, pamphlets, books, & custom illustrations.

Bear Page Showreel: Includes televised animation and various graphics for companies such as Gael Linn, Boston Scientific, Dance Ireland, Gcore Technologies & HighRock Productions. Entire reel created by myself. Softwares used include Cinema 4D, Blender, ToonBoom, Adobe Photoshop & Premiere.


I use my Youtube Channel (Qwormi Warmi) to experiment with illustration & visual storytelling through drawing timelapses.


In this example (titled 'Closing Doors')

I rendering elements of a scene from a set, underlying pattern or weave. My intention was to play with ideas of connection, and subsequent loss.

Much of the work on the channel looks to find a flow between music, the drawn line and the images that are forming. Created using Sketchbook Pro & Photoshop. 

More samples below.

During my time as a Cameraman, I was frequently approached by directors seeking storyboards for their film concepts. Above is a sample from two films I boarded, 'Andreas was here' & 'Sweetshop'.

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